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A Journey Through the North-East of England

Alnwick CastleIt's not the work of a moment to decide if a hotel is deserving of the label "BEST Small Hotel". Here is the tale of a trip through the north-east of England searching out that elusive hotel that we can truly say is one of the best. Along the way, we also visited some interesting places and saw some wonderful scenery. ....READ MORE

Artist Residence

Artist Residence BrightonThere's an unusual story behind the Artist Residence hotels.

Once upon a time there was a run-down guesthouse in Brighton, owned by a middle-aged couple who also had an even more derelict place in Penzance.  Sad to say, the husband died unexpectedly of a heart attack and just a week later his wife was ....READ MORE

Things To Do In France

French WineFrance is the biggest tourist destination in the world, so it's hardly surprising that it boasts so many interesting and exciting things to see and do. ....READ MORE

The Trials and Tribulations of Being Best

Durham Cathedral and the riverSometimes I think we  set ourselves a very high bar when we dedicated our website to the best small hotels. What is best? Well, it's different things to different people and as far as we can, we have to show hotels that people will universally agree to be amongst the best.....READ MORE

BEST Small Hotels - An Introduction

We are pleased to announce our new website, Best Small Hotels,Kentisbury Grange, Devon dedicated to (you guessed it!) hotels that are small, but only the very best of them. That doesn't necessarily mean the most expensive, or the most swanky, nor even those with the most facilities. It does mean a dedication to pleasing their guests ....READ MORE